Sunday, November 12, 2006

wow this is a dull blog

i find it strange that all of a sudden folks can get together with their laptops in a room and blog about the election results, and for some reason that's news? Jon Stewart made fun of CNN for spotlighting such a "blog" party - "oh sir, what are you blogging about and why should i care?"

strange. no one knows about this blog, so no one will read it. i guess i could tell people about it but why? it's not like i'm writing anything interesting. It's basically something to do while waiting for measurements to happen in lab. I guess what i should be doing is writing my thesis. or a paper, or doing something other than this. hmm... but this is so much easier I guess. I can just go on and on and write about with a stream of consciousness and really it doesn't have any bearing on my publishability or job outlook or anything like that. Well i guess that is unless i write about something that could come back to haunt me later. but who knows if what i write is true or not? let's play with the colored text. Oh boy, we're having fun now!!

Friday, October 20, 2006

My first blog

Hmm... what is it that I want to say to all the random people on the WWW who might come across this? Apparently not much.

I've recently started drinking beer. It still tastes pretty nasty to me, but i've found that for all my years of "i don't need to have alcohol to have fun" beer actually is a decent way to relax after all. i'm starting on the wheat beers - those seem pretty good. Esp. with some lemon. Heifeweizen... Not quite good enough to give it the old homer "aaaahhhhgghhh", but it's actually not horrendous.

I have tried other beers before, mind you, but budweiser is pretty god aweful. and i don't like bitter things, so a lot of the darker stuff is out... So that's it. Me and beer. Starting on a tentative relationship.