Wednesday, July 18, 2007


So when I listen to music these days, I usually just listen to the iPod on shuffle (who has time to deal with play lists?). I know, I know, it's people like me who are contributing to the death of the album, but hey, sometimes you just want random tunes (I do also occasionally listen to whole albums) - but I digress. The point is, today a couple of Jewel songs came up in my rotation, and at one point I really, truely thought Jewel (this is her first album) was good. But just today, not having heard them in a while, I kind of thought to myself, "blecch! what is this stuff?" (also my first reaction to cole slaw). So clearly my musical tastes have changed since high school, but also college, etc.

Just got me thinking, what a shame it is that politicians are so beholden to things they said or did so many years ago? Why do we dehumanize our political representation to the point of expecting them to always "stand for something" and to stand for it consistently? I suppose you want some core convictions to be guiding decisions, but why the heck do they get skewered for admitting their mistakes? It only seems to make them afraid to do so, and subsequently to stay the course no matter what. And I'm not sure that applies to just this current federal government either. I suppose the government should have to live up to certain higher standards than we expect of say, the guy working at Jamba Juice, but there has to be some leeway for human nature... of course, how much and to what extent is always the question.

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