Wednesday, March 26, 2008

2 days ain't good enough


Well, it turns out two days isn't good enough to get the counts up. In fact, my neutrophils were a little lower (1040, from 1220). Seems to me like there aren't enough data points to really know what the neutrophils do in the interim between chemo cycles. Apparently they like to bounce around a bit before coming back up. . . The doctor doesn't seem to think physical activity/lack of sleep affects things too much, so there's basically not much I can do other than wait, wait, wait.

Oh, and there was a problem with the last post (part of it got cut off), so I went back and fixed the ending. Anyhow, just a short note this time. Guess we'll try again on Monday.

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amylaird4077 said...

hey alex! i've been keeping up with your blog and thought i should finally post a comment! thanks for keeping us all updated on the butt bump and chemo and radiation. i'm sending you lots of good wishes and cancer-fighting power. i hope you're getting them!