Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hawaii, India Pics

Happy Earth Day Eve!

Short post today - just wanted to put in a link to Hawaii Pictures, which my friend Anthony graciously put together. Given that Anthony did not come with me to India, however, I've had to spend a bunch of time putting those pictures up myself. Hope the result is enjoyable. . . 

I'm off to NY on Saturday for a few days, but will be back on Wed. 

Random thoughts: I was thinking the other day that I've lost a bit of creativity in my life, and I don't know exactly how to get it back. One thing I miss is creative writing. I was thinking that I might start doing a "one paragraph short story", inspired by my friend Jeff's daily minute of music, though I don't think I could do one per day. It might have to be one per week. Honestly I'm not sure I've ever done creative writing outside of classes, but why not start now? We'll see. 

Anyone want to work on this with me or make a contribution? Got other ideas for injecting creativity into life? 


Serena said...

How about cartooning?

Laura said...

Hey Alex,
I am a laggard at keeping up with your blog, but was jsut reading this post from April. It made me think that I too need to re-inject creativity in my life (haven't written anything since Adelle was born in March). Writing one piece of flash fiction a week sounds pretty cool. You still want to do it? I might try too. We could hold each other accountable. :)