Friday, June 26, 2009

Ma' Brain


Well, according to the MRI I had yesterday, my brain is completely normal, aside from a couple of loose screws near the amygdala. Heh, what a funny word. Amygdala.

Today I'm listening to Michael Jackson. I saw a guy wearing a single white glove when I came into my building today, and I was wondering if that was a tribute or if the guy just had bad eczema or something.

On a completely different note, here's your pic of the post (I decided I will try to have at least one picture per post - I don' t have that many pics on this computer, so I dug up this one):

This is a picture of a picture from high school, when a bunch of us went up to Niagara Falls on our way to our friend's family cabin in Canada. I told my friends to put their hands on the railing so I could take a picture. Later, when I was taking a black and white photography class, I took the picture and put it on the railing in my dorm, with my hand added on. A little cheesy, but I thought the image came out nicely.

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thomasean said...

Dude! I recognize my hand! (fork bracelet)