Monday, January 07, 2008

Count for the Down

(1/07/08) 5:46 pm

Well, after all my midnight rantings and loading of Family Guy DVDs into my backpack, it turns out my counts were too low to start round 3 of chemo today. It's a normal thing, to have the counts go low, so the docs said there's nothing to worry about. On the plus side, they also mentioned that the butt bump has shrunk (on CT scan) to a measly 8 mm by 3 mm. They weren't even able to see the lung nodules, but this was also a low-resolution CT, so we'll have to wait for a better scan in the future to be sure about those. My white blood cell count was the culprit this time around - platelets and red blood cells are good. Probably this will mean more shots of neupogen after the next round (that's the injection I have to take every night after a cycle to get my counts up). The other plus is I get another week of semi-normal life before starting again (yay!).

I've had a request for links to Cosmos Education and other interests o' mine, so I'm going to start a links column on the right (thanks Jeff, for the idea) - feel free to pass these along if you find 'em interesting. Other random good news - we just got a big donation to Cosmos to continue our work in Kenya and Zambia (woohoo!). K, that's it for now...

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