Thursday, April 10, 2008

All Clear on the Bone Marrow Front!


Woohoo!* The results came back and my bone marrow is perfectly fine and healthy. All the precursor cells are there, but I guess they just need some stimulation. I'll be taking neupogen shots for the next three days to get the marrow factories working again, but I hopefully should be all clear to go in for treatment next week (knock on wood!).

I was a bit bummed the past couple of days, even though I wasn't thaaat worried (not true for the fam, though). My low counts made some sort of sense, given all that's happened in the previous couple of weeks, without it being due to some new anomaly. There's always that pesky glimmer of doubt, though - the one that constantly says, "Yes, yes, it should be because of this that and the other, but what if...?" So, yes, I'm definitely feeling relief at this news. Whew...

* By the way, have you seen the new Washington Mutual ads? They insist upon spelling this word, "Whoohoo", or some such nonsense. what's the deal with the extra "h"? It seems someone thinks that's the correct spelling, but my two minutes of searching on the internet has not produced an explanation. The original song featured in Kill Bill, Vol. 1 and in the Vonage commercials was spelled, "Woo Hoo", but that was also by a Japanese band - and we all know how the Japanese like to butcher English (check out: Regardless, I still stand by my spelling, gosh darn it.

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Mary said...

Wooooohooooooooooooo!! I'm so glad the bone marrow test came back with healthy results! I hope your counts go up soon. And I definitely agree with you on the spelling of woohoo, though I like to use lots of extra o's... :-)