Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Phillies win!


Well, I guess in all honesty I'm a fair weather fan, but hey, I went to see one game when I was in Philadelphia, so that gives me some kind of street cred, right? I know who Mike Schmidt is - well, not what position he played, but . . . that's what Wikipedia's for, right? So anyhow, yay Phillies!! (Let's just ignore the fact that the Rays made huge mistakes in the 9th of game 3 and the first inning of game 6, which basically cost them the series).

Cycle 14

Okay, so down to the nitty gritty. Today was Day 2 of cycle 14 of 17. Nothing too new, although I had to make sure I got the correct premeds yesterday (they forgot to give me Aloxi, which is like Zofran but lasts over 3-5 days). Today I was just really tired and kind of napped on and off throughout the day. I did get a chance to catch up with a friend who I met when I first started this chemo last year. He has ewing's sarcoma and had just finished this chemo protocol when I started. Unfortunately he had a local recurrence recently, but he had surgery and will do a stem cell transplant after this new chemo cycle he's on. Hopefully that'll clear things up. Stay strong, Steve!

It's so difficult to have so much uncertainty about this whole ordeal. For me, there's no real data on this kind of cancer, especially not in someone my age, and it's similar for my friend. I guess it's good to know there's recourse after the first round, but of course you'd rather not have to go through it. For now, I guess it'll have to be good enough to get through this first (and hopefully last) bit. Only three more cycles to go!

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