Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Contemplating my prostate


A friend of mine was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer and commented to me about how after the biopsy parts of her were now floating around the country for second opinions and what not. I guess I never thought about it, but it's true for me, too. There are chunks of my prostate in New York, Baltimore, San Francisco, and Stanford. Kind of a strange thought, eh?

In other news, the last cycle finished up without too much fanfare, except my last day was on Halloween, so there was a bit of excitement in the ITA with some of the nurses dressed up in costume. Also, my friend Blase showed up for a visit, as you can see in the pictures. He works over in the children's hospital next to Stanford and I'm sure had tons of fun with the kiddies (apparently they turn the hospital into a trick-or-treating extravaganza for a few hours during the day). The adult side was not quite as exciting, but there was a little bit more spirit than usual, so that was nice for the last day of my cycle. Only 3 more to go. . .

If I weren't holed up in the hospital, I would have been Avatar: The Last Airbender, but alas, the timing didn't quite work out. The alternative was to do as my friend PJ suggested and paint three holes on my head and be a bowling ball. In any case, I want more comments on the blog, so here's the question of the day: What were you for Halloween this year?

Look who dropped in!

Me and my puffy face


thomasean said...

I went to a party last minute so my costume was made entirely of make-up from the grocery store.

I was the joker

I ended up making out with a girl later that night who afterwards looked like she'd just finished a cherry pie eating contest.

Lynn said...

I didn't even go out this year for halloween. It's been a bit since we last spoke, I'm Lynn from PC. Drop me a line on there when you can.

Gloria said...

Grecian goddess. Haha, I reused a toga I had from a bachelorette party. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

I even got to go to Joann's Fabrics to spruce it up. Always a fun experience.

My favourite costume of the night: the free body diagram.

Siobhan said...

I can totally see you as Avatar. So even if you didn't get to do the actual dressing-up, consider that you have at least one virtual sighting to your credit.

I was a ghoulish Michael Phelps. Though I must say it was mostly the 8 gold skulls around my neck that had any semblance to the guy.