Monday, December 10, 2007

Mini Milestones

Back on the wall! (12/10/07)

Well, this weekend I got back to the climbing wall after . . . waay too long - I think end of August was the last time I went climbing but I've been itching to do so ever since. Needless to say, I sucked big time, but it was fun nonetheless. I had some major trouble doing climbs that should have been way easy, but not bad considering I haven't really exercised in all that time. Today my forearms are experiencing major second-day soreness. (Thanks to Blase for the pic and access to the wall!)

Last Thursday I also returned to tai chi class, which was pretty fun, too. Tai chi is great, because you can pretty much always do it to some extent. Even if you can't do the whole form, there are always little exercises that help you keep moving. There's a quite old fellow who comes to class with a walker - he used to be able to stand and do some of the form, but now he sits in a chair but still follows along. It's pretty impressive.

I tried to go out to eat this weekend, too, but that was less successful. The actual eating out part was fine, but the stomach-handling-it-well part was not so good. Yikes. Anyhow, I guess I should stick to home-cooked food anyway (as per doctor's suggestion) but it was so tempting to have something different. I guess the alternative is to get some cookbooks and try to learn how to cook some other types of food.

Anyhow, a couple other less fun things have been happening. I've had some mouth sores (side effects from the doxorubicin) that make it tough to eat/drink, but they seem to be healing up now. Also, the hair has started coming out. I noticed it a few days ago, but now I seem to be shedding all over the place. It's very annoying. It hasn't come out in big clumps yet, but pretty much any time I run my hand through my hair, 4-5 strands will come out. Soon I'll just shave it off, me thinks.

Well, I'm off to a follow-up appointment soon - we'll see if I get to start the second round this week, or if my blood counts are too low (in which case we'll start next week). The docs said not to get my hopes up about starting again this week, but we'll see. I kind of hope I don't have to go into the hospital again - it'd be nice to have a week of semi-normality for a change.


Mettler said...

Rock on! (literally)

Glad to see those climbing wall special fees are still being put to good use.

Mary said...

Hey Alex. I'm so glad you got to go climbing! I miss seeing you at the wall, and I look forward to climbing with you some time again soon. Stay strong!

Nancy said...

That's great that you're climbing again!

Anthony said...

Nice man. I guess everything has healed up from the abdominal surgery; core strength is pretty important for climbing.

My lazy butt wishes I could get a climbing workout from the comfort of a chair.

Whenever I shave off my beard I try out different ridiculous facial hair styles--I frequently freak out Nolwenn by wearing the Lawrence-from-Office-Space-mustache-down-to-my-chin look and walking around the house like I plan on keeping it. You should work out a few intermediate styles you want to try before going down to cue-ball. I vote for the Mr. T and the Monk cut.

Katie said...

Hi Alex,
It always feels great when you get back to exercising, doesn't it? Glad to know that you had fun. From the photo you look like a real pro to me.

Sarah recently sent me the link to your blog, and now that I've read thru the posts, I thought I'd better send a message, rather than just lurk in the background.

Wishing you well,
Katie Apgar

jeff said...

ahahaa!, the Monk cut!! Great idea, antoine.. :) Or you could play around with some strange samurai-style for the afternoon.

Great to see you're out and about, shame about the tummy though. Are there specific food smells that turn you off consistently? It does sound like a great time to explore some interesting possibilities in the kitchen..

Caitlin said...

Yay for climbing- there is nothing like that forearm soreness and callous reformation to remind you how good it feels to be back on the wall. Tai Chi sounds great too. Iko vizuri sana!

Nitarudi America juma na tatu. You'll be happy to know I am bringing many receipts! Stay amazing and keep your faithful readers posted whenever you feel up to it. Tutaonana!

PrajK said...

glad to hear you're back in the climbing gym!