Monday, December 24, 2007

'Twas the night before Christmas

Drugs don't always make you feel better (12/24/07)

Well, sports fans, I turned 29 today. One day closer to the big 3-0, but not feeling a day closer, well except for this little stint of medical problems I've been having recently. Aheh heh heh. . . ahem . . . What? Too soon?

Anyhow, so it's my b-day today, and I'm actually feeling pretty good. I think that the trick for me was actually not to take any anti-nausea drugs today. For the past couple of days I've been taking everything under the sun that was prescribed to me: Protonix, Compazine, Colace, Reglan, Zofran, sprinkled in with an occasional Ativan and of course the nightly Neupogen shot. Well, I for the past couple days I've also been feeling this ridiculously uncomfortable restlessness, that I can only describe as all the physical manifestations of anxiety without any of the emotional ones. Well, I suppose there were some of the emotional ones, but mostly they were caused by the fact that I felt physically anxious, if that makes any sense. But today, I decided I wasn't havin' none of that, so I didn't take any of the drugs, besides the Protonix and Colace of course (I mean, who wouldn't want to take those two?), and I feel much better. (Incidentally, Protonix is just for acid indigestion and Colace is a stool softener - too much information, I know, I know). So anyhow, as a result (or possibly because it's day 5 after chemo), I feel much better today, and have been much less whiny too. :P

Anyhow, cooking is still underway for our Christmas dinner, rife with both new and old recipes, so things should be pretty tasty. More to come. . .


dunkhippo33 said...

Hey Alex,

I found your blog through thefacebook. Wow, this is a great read! Keep up the humor and fight that cancer! I'm rootin for ya.

Happy birthday and Merry Post X-mas!


Nancy said...

What's a "g-nut spot"?

Anthony said...

It's "tops tun-g" spelled backwards.

sushihater said...

Alex -

Happy birthday and congrats on the great progress. Nothing more staifying than getting rid of a good pain-in-the-ass. :)

Seriously, your courage and continued positive attitude through this whole process is really inspiring.

Semira and i look forward to hanging out whenever your mom is next cooking us dinner. :)

joe G

Kanja Peter said...

Hi Alex, its my hope that yu are fine and getting on well with the treatment.

Keep up the updates and get well soon brother.


Kanja Peter.