Sunday, March 07, 2010


(Written last week on Monday) (2/24/10)

Well sh*t. I saw my oncologist two days ago and she had bad news about the CT scan from Thursday. Basically there are new lesions (4-5) in the supposedly healthy portion of my liver (i.e. the part they didn't cut out). This section showed nothing last time we checked right before the surgery. So. . . I'm back in the hospital for more chemotherapy. This time it's high-dose ifosfamide, a drug I've had before but apparently works differently in high doses. It will be 7 days here, two weeks off, 7 days here, two weeks off, and then a CT scan to check.

How do I feel? FREAKED OUT. This is obviously not the news I wanted. Doc says if we were to sit and do nothing, it'd be 3-4 MONTHS. As usual, I have to take it day by day, but it's starting to feel like my options are running out.

A week later, a little bit calmer. . . and at home

They rushed to admit me to the hospital that day on the 24th but I didn't get that first dose until 2:30am anyway despite being checked in around 4pm. I guess it wasn't really a rush, just kind of urgent to get something going.

Still pretty frazzled right now. At the very least I'm at home and not having to be in the hospital. We weren't able to complete the ifos regimen becuase I was having all sorts of crazy side effects - hallucinations, extreme fatigue, twitchiness in my legs and fingers/arms, general loss of motor control in my fingers, and of course the usual nausea sans (thankfully) vomitting. Oh yeah, and I started having pretty high pulse rate but surprisingly normal blood pressure. Plus, the stuff they started giving me to reduce the side effects also started turning my pee and skin a little blue. That's always fun, eh? I think it's finally run through its' course, since my pee is returning to its normal hue.

I'm still feeling pretty wrecked, but we'll see what my doctor says about starting up again. We submitted paperwork last week to get another drug approved for compassionate care use (i.e. insurance company won't accept usage but company can)


Vi said...

Oh Alex...I'm keeping you in my prayers these nights. Aaron's too.

Theo said...

Oh, Alex, I am with you in Spirit and Please despite what you are going through I salute you for you are really strong. Theo

June said...

Alex, I'm sure you will get through this just fine and come out as strong as ever in the end. Good luck, my friend.

Anastasia said...

Our entire family is thinking of you! --Alexis & her little sister Anastasia, their husbands Najib & James, their kids Maya & Patrick, & their parents Dorothy & Steve

Adam said...

Glad you're back at home. Admirable how articulate you are about all that's happening. Sally and I are thinking of you. Don't know if you ever feel like visitors, but we'd love to come say hi sometime if you're up for it.

Anthony said...

Dear Alex,
The whole family is deeply sadden by your passing.
We will pray for you and your family.
May God rest your soul in peace.

Anthony Pann Chapman.
Calgary, Canada.
PS. Alex and I have the same maternal grandfather.i.e. the Yang family tree.